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  • Shane Henrikson, the President of Fat Cat Marketing, is an Internet Marketing strategist. He focuses on strongly within the Philadelphia digital marketing space with SEO and PPC fields. Shane studied Game Design and Development during his undergrad. As he was obtaining his Master's Degree from Full Sail University, he saw a new field that caught his interest. All of this was focused on a key component called an "incentive."

    Shane's motto is if you can make a video game player interested in a dangerous path they must journey down because the incentive at the end is worth it. Can work for those same people that are buying products and services from well-branded companies. This is where Shane's journey molded and took a course in a way that he started helping small to large enterprises.

    As of currently, Shane provides his knowledge to small to large businesses across the world at his current job at SEMrush. He helps SEO & SEM companies interpret and understand the metrics of websites. This same data helps businesses show up higher in Google Search results.

    During his time off, Shane helps businesses in the Philadelphia region show up higher in Google on a tight budget. Unfortunately, many SEO and PPC agencies do not provide the right budget to their client. Or these companies fluff their documents to make them look good. Shane does not believe in fluff. He hates us documentation fluff because it only hurts the company in the long run. Many of his customers are shocked by how honest he is and will say if this method of internet marketing is working for you or not.

    Shane finds reverse engineering the most satisfying process of internet marketing. By achieving how to get on top of Google, you must understand what your competitors are doing! Reverse engineering is a solid foundation when it comes to outperforming and creative thinking on staying on top of Google.