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  • Before the days of internet marketing many individuals and company relied on the phone book that had a list of companies. To outshine your competitor in the phone book you would create a business that had a higher alphabetic name. The letter “A” will show up first over a company of “Z." But everything changed with the internet and the internet continues to improve for consumers and businesses. Major search engines like Google rank a website according to “how it helps” the consumer and if it is relative and trusting. Google is the leading search engine at this time (2014). Google constantly updates their search engine algorithm every month.

    Small to mid-size companies need to keep updating their website. Google encourage’s you to be active, so you can be a trusting authoritative individual or company in your field. For example, a vehicle needs constant maintenance as an oil change every 3,000 miles, tune-ups, tire changes, etc. All these factors keep a car running optimally. Our internet marketing company does this for you, but with your website. We are the service technicians that keep your website running with these constant updates.
    How Internet Marketing For Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is Broken Down
    As an internet marketing company, it is required for us to know these updates and tell you about them. The more up to date you are, the better. This is what an internet marketing company should do, so you can continuously make a profit. Here is a pie chart from Moz.com that gives a deep analysis on how Google calculates your website to others. This pie chart has changed in the past and will most likely change in the future.

    Our internet marketing company tailors each service to each individual or company. We’ve been known to point out issues with websites and other digital marketing practices. We know not every company has a marketing budget saved away for promoting their brand awareness. This is why Fat Cat Marketing will do its best to work with every customer on any budget. Let us do the hard work for you.