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  • An article appeared in my alerts about link building. The title was trying to avoid link building because it does more harm than good. It talks about how Google Webmaster team does not want website owners just to build links. They do not want you to link build that way because that's not how you're providing engaging content.

    Should we follow what Google says or not?

    Well, my answer would be YES, but don't focus truly always on link building. Google wants you to be more engaged with the user that visit your website. Having great content either tell the user about your website, your product, your service and your brand. It can also help you sell particular items on your website, especially if you are an e-commerce platform.

    Why does Google not want you to focus on just link building alone?

    Link building is a very tricky situation even though it is a large part of Google's algorithm. I have seen incredible content from 10 tips on how to clean teeth to proper guides on basement waterproofing. This should have gotten a lot of people's attention. This method is supposed to naturally grown organic links from engaging content, as Google wants websites to be. So it should have generated some natural profile, but it did not. You need link building strategies to show up better within organic placement in google and other search engines. So hiring an SEO consultant is best way to dive deeper to data mine websites for opportunities. Hiring local SEO consultants is even better even though they can be a little bit pricier you will be getting a quality background of links and content for your website that will boost your website more naturally. These articles are published every so often. Newcomers that are trying to increase their organic rankings for their websites with a limited budget can perform just as well as any consultant or larger company. But when website owners find out how much time internet marketing takes they try to find the cheapest and fastest return for their business. This method ultimately hurts their website and their brand with toxic links from other parts of the world. Good linking building takes time to replicate natural links. Setting real expectations where a keyword phrase should start ranking better than before is the best outcome. Always ask your consultant: 1. How they're going to be building your brand. 2. Where they plan to put your name, website or brand. 3. What advertising platforms would yield a higher ROI.