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  • The Perfect Website, What Is It, Is it Cheap?

    There is no such thing as the perfect website. Everyone looks for cheap web design or cheap website design templates that are efficient and do the job. The average person doesn't understand is that these types of templates or simple designs do not work. A web designer should constantly be changing and moving around tabs, navigation, call to actions, pictures, etc.

    What we found while working with these website design templates with our web services through Fat Cat Marketing, non-updated coding, various structure errors, and a one size fits all strategy. To the average consumer this one size fits all strategy for a website does not work or is not needed. Each individual or company should have an inspirational theme that mirrors the company's or individual's brand or message.

    Some clients want to have a completely innovative website design patterns that are above and beyond what they need. A problem with these inspirational web design themes is the conflict with SEO and Content Marketing. Why do I say that? Because the in eyes of, Google content is king. Google has many algorithm patterns to detect what a website is or about. If your website is too new and innovative, a user of your website will not know how to use it properly. This also includes Google as well.

    How would Google not know how to use your website?

    Google also has many algorithm robots that read websites for particular reasons. Some of these robots are designed to look for flaws, read a website, experience the design, and act like a human for user design experience. This is why website design templates do not work because they are competing with other web designers for the best templates at a cheaper cost. Website template designers are always competing for the best innovative website to fit everyone in one category.

    I saw an advertisement for a cheap website.

    This is one of the biggest concerns I have come across with all of my clients personally. They always say we don't have the money nor do we have a budget to incorporate the proper elements in a website design. I always say never go with a cheap solution because sheep never works especially in web design and development. When a website looks cheap, the user design experience feels cheap and is a reflection of your brand. Now you can see the effects of cheap website design. It can become more expensive to fix and implement your cheap website design templates then to go with a custom design created by a professional web designer.

    A professional web designer cares about their client and their work.

    There are a lot of these template designers who do not care about the individual or company that bought their template, unless they get a bad review. Unlike the web designer who is constantly revamping and changing your website for a better user experience. Painters that have created masterpieces leave their signature on their pieces of art, so do web designers. Many people would argue that this is because of SEO purposes only. This can be a little tricky to understand if you do not know what SEO is and how it performs better for a website.

    When a designer puts their digital label on your website, they are saying they created this piece of art for you and your target audience. If you the individual or company does any shady or unethical digital marketing tactics, both websites are affected. This here template designers and professional web design companies differ from one another. Digital marketers want their clients to succeed. If both are building their brand, it will help each other out.