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  • Many marketing firms will talk about how keyword density is irrelevant or still useful. Here at Fat Cat Marketing, we believe keyword density for a site is still relevant. This Is How We Know Keywords On A Website Still Matter

    • When searching for an item, we use a keyword to find it.
    • Your brand message is associated to this keyword.
    • Synonyms and grammatical variations appear from a keyword result.

    Google and other search engines like Bing use a series of calculated data that is put into coding called an algorithm. These algorithm packets are constantly updated periodically. The reason why these algorithms are updated is because:

    • Technology improves
    • Companies and individuals find sneaky ways to manipulate results.
    • User experience

    Google is constantly fighting spam from around the world. They don’t care who is in the first place of organic results or not. They put up guidelines in their algorithms, if a website meets, they will show up over the competition! So you might say, “Well, I’m going to just put a lot of keywords about my brand or service on each page.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t work anymore and is considered a black hat tactic in the digital marketing industry. Google calculates how many times that keyword shows up and how much it will rank for. The continuous use of the word will only hurt in the long term.

    Fat Cat Marketing believes, Google is trying to figure out the behavioral patterns of audiences for what they’re searching for and why they chose that site over another. As you probably can tell, this is pretty cool and extremely difficult to do. We barely know how the human mind works, so Google and many other search engines have little robots, crawlers, and spiders that are assigned particular jobs to mimic the behavioral pattern of a human.

    Sometimes these robots, crawlers, and spiders work so well, they go beyond the user experience and calculate keywords on a site according to the flow. This flow is, how well humans and robots can read your content. So, to sum everything up, keywords still matter for a website and there is no magic number to set for. If you need help with fix or starting your content on your website. Fat Cat Marketing's Search Engine Marketing (SEO) practices will help you on your way. Here is a video from Matt Cutts – Google’s Head Director of The Spam Department talking about, “do keywords still matter?”